Weekend Seminar


We spend an entire weekend (Friday evening - Sunday evening) in a small but comfortable house in the Black Forest (near Bonndorf), about one hour away from Freiburg by car - I can get there in 45 min by rocket - and also reachable by train (Seebrugg) and then bus/piamonte-taxi (i.e. I would pick you up at the station).

What we do depends entirely on the group and their specific needs: either material relevant to their studies (abitur or university) or "just" conversation and general language acquisition.

These two days we speak ONLY English, even when we are not "working", i.e. when cooking, eating, washing the dishes, and on our frequent excursions into the surrounding area. There is a lot of walking involved, so bring good shoes.

By Sunday evening the participants are completely saturated with English, in fact many claim that on Monday they speak to people in English without realizing it ... bus/tram driver, family, friends, cat ...

Even as a short holiday, these weekends are extremely enjoyable.

When? Depends on you ... As soon as 5-7 people (compatible of course) have indicated their interest, we will find a time. Call me if you want more information, or send me an email with the dates that would interest you.

This is the beautiful little house ... there are 4 bedrooms à 2 beds, a living room, a fully-equipped kitchen, a storage room, wc, shower/bathroom, unlimited hot water, electricity, wood-coal stove, ...



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