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#5   Melanie SchindlerE-Mail10.02.2004 - 17:55
Hi, you have a really nice homepage, you give a lot of information. I like it, especially the picture of you...really cute!

#4   VP05.02.2004 - 16:05

#3   Dirk MünsterE-MailHomepage04.02.2004 - 22:58
Hi pal! Hope to see you and the others from our extraordinary STAMMTISCH again, soon! Nice webside, hope your counter will rise to heaven!? Greets, Dirk

#2   Lucie WeberE-Mail04.02.2004 - 21:06
Wow, Im really impressed. The only thing missing is a picture of you Tell me whenever your weekend seminars are, I definetly would like to join...
See you, your Route 66 student

#1   MarenE-Mail04.02.2004 - 19:37
Hello Mr. Piamonte,

Gee ! Im the first on your homepage I wonder why ?

See you next week, Maren

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